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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  September 19, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 we are continuing to follow a northeast early mornnng fire... leaves several people injured. injured.tommroogers is heee with more this stooy... plus a look at today's other top stories..ood morninn, tom. good morning, megan and happened at the parkside garden apartments.the number f injjries has climbed to 7... including one chill. child.joel d. smith is live at the scene now... withhmore on how the fire is turning neighbors into heroes.gooo morning, joel. joel.
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incue: there was no way to get out out: caught them on the way down down
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thissnext story is a true testament of just how dangerous is can be to fall from a third story window like those fire victims did.a woman in oceen city has died after falling off her third floor happened at the stt croix condominium building about 3 this mooning.police are not releasing her name until her family is notified. a police spokeman says it is still unclear who calledd police and whether thh omaa was a guest or owner of the property. a doctor is gunned down just feet from the front door of home....and this morning, police arr searching for the the time help arrivvd... 1-year old... doctor peter marvit had collapsed in the road. it happened around 10:33 monddy night in the herring run park area.police say doctor marvit may have been returning home from chorus practice when he was shot in the chest. neighbors say they heard as many s four shots fired...but when arrived it was too late.
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marvit was pronounced dead at the hospital... and the gunman was gone.for detectives... pime is now slipping away. (anthony) 11:35:38 these precious hours immediately after the inciient are crucial to investigators :4212:43:57 it's devasting.(rrginald) 12:14:36 you really can't run from it in the city i think it's ere. here.marvit was a researcher for the natiinal institutes of health and an adjunct professor at the uniiersity of maryland.police suspect he wass killed in an attempted robbery. a court appearance is scheduled today... for a local hhgh school basketball star... accused of assualting a woman. woman.18 year old aquille carr.. is accused of ppshing his former girlfriend.. and mother of his child.. to the ground... and kicking and punching her during a fight. carr was arreeted last month on second degree assault charges.carr is the star baaketball guard t patterson high school and is considered to be one of the top recruits in the ountry. governor martin o'malley has ordered that flags be flown at half staff toddy... in honor of a fallen officer. 43-year-old sergeant ian
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loughran was a 16-yeaa veteraa offthe harffrd county sheriff's office. loughran died last week... after suffering the sympttms of a heart attack.the symptoms came abouttduring thee uneral servvces for another deputy. hundredssof thousands of phicago students will return to class today... following an almost 2-week teacher strike. on tuesday... 98 percent of the teachers union delegates vooed to end the strikeand approved a tentative deal.... &punder the deal... teachers will get a 3-percent raise in the first year... and 2-percenttfor two ears after that. the city is granted longer school days... and the ability for princiials to have a say over who gets hired at their schools. the contract agreement still needs approval by more than 29- thousand union teachers and support staff.that's expected to come some time in the next few weeks. the departmenttof health and mental hygiene claim two new human casss of the west nile virus have been identified in baltimore county... bringing the total to 25 cases across the state... including two
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fatalities.tonight... spraying issscheduled in parts septeeber 24th and ootober 1st.... sprayings are scheduled for pikesville.all sprayings begin at 7:30 each night... weather permitting. just in time for the holiday season... kohl's has announced it's hiring more than 52-thousand seasonal employees. phat's 10-pprcent more workers... than it hired last year.other etail giants... like toys-r-us, walmart and target... are alss et to soon. 33 the orioles defeated the seattleemariners ... in one of thh longest games they ever pla.
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playee...after á18 inningsá and almost á6 hoursá of play... the o's stay tied for first today... with a 4-to-2 win over the mariners.the winning hit comes from pinch hitter taylor teagarden... with an r-b-i single to right f. the o's are trying to pass the yankees in the alleast... or hang onto the wild card spot.their next game is tooight... in anooher away game against the mariners. they'vv got the moves. moves.sytycd performance nats nats your chance to win ticcets tt the "so you think you can ddnce" live toor... in just 10 . minutes. you're watching fox 45 good day
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baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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support a good cause and catch a performance at the children's theatre of annapolis. annapolis..mily gracey joins uu live for this mornings hometown hotspot. - how much does it cost to attend thh beneeit?- who does this night benefit? -what are they performing behind you? 3 -3 "because we believe....a night
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of broadway" is happening september 28th-30th at the children's theatre of annapolis . for mor einformation log on to fox morniig. see moves like these... live in person. person.sytycddperformance nats your chance to win tickets to the "so you think you can dance" ive tour... after the b. break. you're watching fox 45 you're watching fox 45 good day america's favorite dancers aree
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coming to baltimore. baltimore.the "so you think you can dance live tour" will be at the modell performing arts center at the lyric on are available now at ticketmmster dot com.but we want to get you inside the show or free. free.the 4th and 5th callers right now at 410-481-4545 win a pair of tickets. tickets.all our winners will be enteeed into a grand prize drawing this friday for a meet and greet.for complete contest rules go to foxbaltiiore dot comm 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 dot com. 3 p3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 &p3 3 3 3
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3 still to come.... daddy disappo. disappointment.joe rhodes says: "we were excited because pt was a traditional type of th" thing."wwy one town is banning aal father- daughter dances. and next... it's flu shot season for you.. but what aaout your pet?your options for keeping your dod or cat healthy. you're patching fox 45 ood day baltimmre.
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you maybeegetting a flu ssot...but what about
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your pets? should they?dr. nancy kauder from eastern animal hospital joins us with flu shot?old pets get a ,33 p what other shots should pets get?-do the shots hurr the anim? animals?
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for more information n basic shots
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every pet needs log on to fox morning. dot com slash - poo fat... to be executed? executed?why one death row iimate's lawyers say... they've got a case. you're 3
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-space shuttle endeavour took-3 off about two 3 hours ago 3 3 3 3 3 fiber map 3
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3 &p we are continuing to follow a &pnortheast early morning fire... leaves several people injured. injured.tom rodgers is here with more this story... plus a look at ttday's other top stories.good morning, tom. good morning, egan and happened at the parrside garden apartments.the number of injuries has climbed to 7... including one child.
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how the fire is turning iie at 3 morning, jjel. joel. in: i was scaredout: the window was jammed jammed
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the internal investigation into the purchase of pricey video phones by the mayor's scrutiny... ever sinne under .- acquiring hundreds of phousands of dollars in phones and equipment... while the city was soliciting bids for a similar system. according to the city solicitor... aadraft &pof the report on the inspecto
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general findings has noo been complettd. 22:57:14 "i believe there is a draft report on the subject out for comment" comment"the final report is expected to be released within an ohio inmate is fighting to stop his execution... with the argument that he's too fat. rrnald post is set to die by lethal injection.... for the killing of a woman in thh 1980's.but his lawyers argue it's inhumane... because their client weighs nearly 5-hundred pounds... and the execution would mean more suffering.but &pothers are frustrated by the move... saying what difference doee it make? he still did it. hees still the same guy, if he weighed 1,000 pounds, he's still the same guy." "why should he be any different than anybody else, because he'ssooerweight? "it's aalittle ridiculous. o." somebody needs to go in there ann monitor how these prisoners are being fed."
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other obese death row inmates have tried similar ccaims in the past. so far... those filings have not been honored in the state of ohio. fathers in one rhode island town... aren't too happy.... after their special night to dance with their aughters... is taken away! away! schools in cranston, rhode sland have canceled all their father- daughter dances after the single mother of a 4th grader compained.. sayiig the dance excluded her daughttr.tte schools offered she went to the a-c-l-u instead. that'' when the school district decided to ban all gender specific events... from father-daughter dances, to mmther-son baseball games... saying thee violate rhodd island's gender discrimination laws. but many parents are upset with the rhodes says: "and it was something special that we shared right?"roohe says: "...and they had a great time - he absoluttly loved it and they couldd't wait for that
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come." the town's mayor says he's disappointed about the ban on dances....but he's also conceened about being able to fund leeal battle to get them reinssated. &p a morning commutee. without traffic lights. coulddsoon make it ossible. possible. you're watching ox 45 you're [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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14 years on death row... "when the judge sentenced me to death..." "he tells you about how he is going to kill you. how much electric volts are going to run through your body." for a crime he didn't commit... i wasn't ready for what was ahead of me. john thompson was released today after spending nearly all of that time on dea it's time to start living free! free from
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chemicalss.. man-made products and other chemically produced items...even ii it's just for a few days..he natural
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products expo east is comingg to baltimore.heather smith from the natural products expo east joins us thissmorning with mmre. -can you tell us about theenatural products expo?- when is he atural produccs expo?- what are sooe of the items we ccn see at thh nntural products expo?--ill we the expo? expo? 3 3 3 at the expo? expo? 3 for more for more information on the
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natural products expo log on to fox baltimore ot com slash morning. most ameriians.. behind the wheels of cars that drive thems. themselves..he shockingly soon it'll happen. you're watching fox 44 good day baltimore.
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players in ravens history want to meet you. a few of the guys from the ravens superbowl team will be at the annual flip &pflop festivus this weekend. it's a fundraiser to enefit the "life and breath foundation."sean hull...the pounder of the foundation more. -im honored to emcee the event again this year.. áiá know its a fun time. describe the atmosphere at flip flop festivus-who will be attending this year's event?-you are the founder of the -you are the founder f the "life and breath foundation"... tell me about the foundation. foundation. 3
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the annual flip flop festivus will be held at the four seasons hotel in baltimore this saturdayyhe vip reception begins at 6pm.for tickets and more information log on to foxbaltimore dot com plash morning. will we see anything like yesterday's rain anytime soon? steve's got your 7--day forecast after the break. break. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3
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anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino.
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four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. expandeddgambling in maryland. the fight over the facts in some of the campaign advertising.tonight on fox 45 imagine a world without stop
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lights or trips to the d-m-v. could be a reality in our lifetime.'re looking at google's driverless car prototype taking a test drive out on the road.soon... cars like these could be everywhere. in fact... a leading car institute says that autonomous cars will make up 75- percent 3 of vehicles by 2040.they say that means an end to traffic lights and driver's licenses.and the change it happening soon.g-m says it wwll start producing partiallyyself-driving cars on a large scale by 2015.
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áá7 day forecastáá 3
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